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Curtis White

The Science Delusion, Curtis White [Paperback edition]

Melville House, 2014

"An Interview with Curtis White."

How scientism crushes spirit in religion, literature, and art.

Best Spiritual Writing 2013, Penguin Books

Best Spiritual Writing 2013, ed. Philip Zaleski

Penguin Books, 2012

"Whose Buddhism is Truest?"

How the recent discovery of the oldest-known Buddhist scrolls answers the question of what the Buddha really said.

Translation, Rhea Nowak

Translation, Rhea Nowak

Martin Mullen Gallery, State University of New York, Oneonta, NY. Spring 2014

“A Conversation with Rhea Nowak and Linda Heuman” 
Published in Translation art exhibition catalog for the show Translations: Traditional and Contemporary Prints by Rhea Nowak. 
An interview with printmaker Rhea Nowak about her visual exploration of how context shapes meaning.

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