Linda Heuman
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Contributing Editor
The Buddhist Review

Journalism Fellow in Buddhism
John Templeton Foundation

Visiting Scholar
Brown University
Department of
Religious Studies

 also affiliated with
Science and
Tecnology Studies
 and Contemplative Studies
What's New:
New Blog:
Buddhism and Modernity at

  "Meditation Nation"
How convincing is the science driving the popularity of mindfulness meditation? A Brown University researcher has some surprising answers.
On the Newstand:
  "Under One Umbrella: Can tradition and science both fit?" (Tricycle Magazine, Summer 2014)
An interview with the Dalai Lama's translator Thupten Jinpa Langri.

  "What's at Stake as the Dharma Goes Modern?" has been translated into German. »Was steht bei der Modernisierung des Dharma auf dem Spiel?« appears in the current issue of the German magazine Buddhismus aktuell.

Awarded John Templeton Foundation Journalism Fellowship in
Science, Religion, and Buddhism
Information here.